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The (Neuro)Science Of Happiness

Neuroscience researchers continue to unveil the scientific factors that shape well-being and provide evidence on how it can be used to improve lives. Neuroplasticity studies show that our brains are constantly being shaped throughout our lives to become more efficient. The more we use certain neuron connection networks in the brain the more established they

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Your Focus Determines How Your Life Unfolds – Where is Your Attention Taking You?

Where our mind focuses attention has a powerful effect on our state of mind, how we feel, and what happens in our life. Top athletes have long known this. Success and happiness are created by the way we think. This basic fundamental understanding is at the core of peak performance and optimal wellbeing. Our focus

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Shift To A Feel-Good Mindset

Why is that two different people can experience exactly the same event, a sudden and dramatic change in circumstances, yet one person takes it in their stride, thrives and sees opportunity, yet the other becomes stressed, feels anxious and powerless? Or take two different experiences; one person loses their fortune yet finds peace and purpose

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Mindfulness – 5 Ways to Introduce into Your Daily Life

Mindfulness is a state of awareness. It is a way of life, living mindfully, in the present moment. It is to not allow the mind to project towards future anxieties, or the past. It is allowing the mind to settle into the Now, becoming aware of the eternal present moment. It is just simply being. There’s

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A Simple Two-Step Process To Answer A Negative Interview Question Like ‘What Is Your Biggest Mistake?’

Most job interviews include at least one negative interview question: What is your biggest weakness? Tell me about a project where something went wrong. What is the biggest mistake you made? The interviewer is looking for habits, qualities or skill deficiencies that might hinder your ability to do the job. In addition, the interviewer is probing for your level

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