LifeGuru offers access to a variety of coaches, and while some coaches offer coaching across a variety of areas, some coaches specialize in particular areas of coaching. Some common areas for coaches to specialize in are life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, health and wellness coaching, and transformational coaching. Let’s take a look at, first, what coaching is in general. Then, we’ll take a look at the specific more specialized types of coaches LifeGuru offers access to.

First, What Is Coaching?

Many people are most familiar with the concept of coaching as it relates to sports, and it can be helpful to think of other types of personal coaches as doing for a client something similar to what an athletic coach does for an athlete: The coach helps the person they are coaching perform at their best. An important difference is that while an athletic coach’s work is limited to athletic performance, a personal coach’s coaching can extend to myriad areas of a client’s life.

Having said all that, let’s take a look at some of the specific areas of coaching:


Life Coaching

Life coaching is often defined as a process where a coach helps a client develop the skills, strategies, and practices needed for the client to help reach specific life goals. Life coaches might work with their clients across a wide range of life areas. For example, if you want to make a habit of reading more, a life coach might help you establish a mindset and habits that will lead you to do this. Meeting with a life coach as you work towards your goal might also help provide you with more accountability and motivation than you might have if you were working towards your goal alone.


Career Coaching

Career coaching, as the name suggests, is more specialized than general life coaching, in that it focuses specifically on the client’s career. People who are changing careers, people who want to change positions in their current workplace, build new skills, and people who are beginning their careers are just some of the people who might wish to employ the services of a career coach.


Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can be seen in some ways as similar to career coaching, but business and executive coaching focuses primarily on helping people sharpen their leadership skills. An executive coach might work with a client to improve their verbal communication skills, develop efficient work habits best suited for a management position, improve their understanding of organizational structures and dynamics, enhance their interpersonal skills, help them learn how to manage conflict within a team they may supervise, and as well as help them improve and develop other leadership skills.


Business Coaching

Working with entrepreneurs and business owners a business coach helps people define their vision and achieve their goals. Business coaches are typically experienced business owners or entreprenuers themselves and therefore understand business challenges. They bring a wealth of experience and may work as an expert mentor alongside owners to make their business successful.


Health And Wellbeing Coaching

Health and wellbeing coaching seeks to help clients develop and maintain healthy habits. This might mean things like exercising more, getting enough sleep, and eating healthily, as well as improved emotional and mental health. It might also mean helping people reduce unhealthy behavior. Some coaches and coaching organizations will distinguish between health coaches — who help clients who already have an identified acute or chronic condition — and wellbeing or wellness coaches, who work with clients who may not have a specific identified health problem, but want to develop more healthy habits and general wellness.


Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is in some ways similar to life coaching. But, whereas life coaching often focuses on external actions, transformational coaching tends to focus more on a client’s inner life. So, it’s more of an ‘inside out’ approach. A transformational coach might work with the client on a journey of self discovery, to unpick self sabotaging behaviours, helping resolve negative thoughts and fears. The client will become more self aware and confident to make new impactful choices in their life.

So, there you have it: An overview of many of the types of coaches LifeGuru offers you access to. We hope using our site is the first step for you towards living a life you love.