Executive coaching is a form of coaching usually practiced in a work setting. Typically the goal of executive coaching is to develop the leadership skills of the person being coached. Leaders need to constantly develop to maintain a positive impact on their teams and organisations.

Some of the things an executive coach might focus on with a client include improving their verbal communication skills, developing efficient work habits best suited for a management position, improving their understanding of organizational structures and dynamics, enhancing their interpersonal skills, helping them learn how to manage conflict within a team they may supervise, and as well as personal development and helping improve and develop other leadership skills.

Executive coaching is often provided by employers to employees they wish to prepare for leadership roles. It is also possible to hire an executive coach on your own to develop your own leadership skills. However, given that the median rate for an executive coach is $500 per hour, and many executive coaches prefer to work with clients for 6-12 months, it is more typical for this to be an investment made by an organization rather than an individual.

Executive coach, Erika Andersen, in an article for Forbes points out six things she believes an executive coach can help a client with:

  1. Seeing yourself more clearly
  2. Seeing others more clearly
  3. Learning new ways to respond to new situations
  4. Leveraging your existing strengths
  5. Building more productive relationships
  6. Achieving what you want

Source: Erika Andersen in Forbes

While there are no licensing or other legal requirements for a person to call themselves an executive coach, many executive coaches have experience in the types of positions they will be coaching clients in. Many coaches held or hold senior leadership position themselves which brings the wealth of experience required to improve leadership capabilities. Other times executive coaches are therapists or organizational psychologists who have formally studied how organizations work (or don’t). Some executive coaches may be members of the International Coaching Federation.

It is also worth noting that for individuals who wish to develop their leadership skills, but don’t have the budget to hire an executive coach, it may be possible to find another type of coach who will help you work on the leadership skills you wish to develop.

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