Habit Stacking, Add Good Habits to Your Daily Life Without Even Thinking About it

You’ve probably noticed that habits are hard to break, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Habit stacking relies on this fact, and makes it easy to keep building more positive and healthy routines.

So, What is Habit Stacking? 

Habit stacking is simply taking a habit you already have, and adding something new to it. Keep your added habits small and simple, and you can gradually build a better routine.

The formula for habit stacking is simply:

After/Before [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT]

It’s an easy way to make your brain start associating something you already do with another positive action you want to make into a habit. 

‘After doing the laundry, I will immediately fold it and put it away.’

You might find yourself in the habit of getting the laundry washed and dried every week, but as soon as it is, it gets thrown on a chair or left in the laundry basket. 

If you start making yourself fold it right away, no matter what, it will eventually become a new habit. And, since your brain has already made such a strong connection to the original habit of getting the laundry washed, it shouldn’t be too difficult of an add-on.

From there you can slowly add more habits without overwhelming yourself. 

Your stack will grow and grow, and you’ll have created an entirely new daily routine for yourself which is much more positive, productive, or healthier than your old one.

Some more examples of habit stacking: 

After I wake up, I will meditate for 5 minutes. 

After I start the coffee maker, I will write my day’s to-do list.

After I get out of bed, I will drink a glass of water. 

Before I get into bed, I will write a page in my journal. 

Slow and Steady wins the race

Once you’ve successfully stacked one habit, you can start stacking another. Before you know it, your daily routine will have improved. Remember not to overwhelm yourself or try to make huge habit add-ons right off the bat, but instead make small changes that will actually stick.