Business Teams are the essential bricks to build any organization. Teams can be constructed both vertically (varying levels of management) and horizontally (across functional disciplines).

The primary role of a team is to combine resources, competencies, and skills to achieve organizational objectives. The underlying assumption of a well-functioning team is the synergy, which is to say that the output of a team will be greater than the sum of each individual’s contribution without a team architecture in place. As a result, teams should usually be highly focused groups of employees, to carry out specific tasks to support organizational success.

Unfortunately, very few teams are matching the previous description. Chances are, instead, that the situation inside the team is the one illustrated in the Figure below.

A typical team can be represented as a boat where everyone rows by himself. There is who rows more, who rows less, who doesn’t row at all, sometimes who rows against… In this situation, the boat (at the best) goes very slowly, but you don’t know in which direction, lacking a clear focus towards the Team’s Mission and the ability to act in a coordinated way.

This is not done on purpose. Each one of us has his specific personality and conditioning, that act as a polarizing filter on everything. The same action, the same rule, the same words are interpreted differently by different people. The worst is that everyone thinks he’s right!

No problem if the different interpretations are going in the same direction, but what if they conflict? The situation will be the one illustrated in the previous Figure. And this happens every day, for every single thing the team has to do.

Of course, this situation must be solved if the company wants to be successful and achieve its Mission. But how? It seems reasonable to teach the team members new communication skills and a new way of thinking, to align the different interpretations.

Unfortunately, this conflicts with the Subconscious Mind of every person. A recent study showed that the Rational Mind can use on average 2000 neurons per second, while the Subconscious Mind, in the same second, can use 40 Billion of them!

If the Rational Mind has the same power as an ant on top of an elephant, how can we solve this issue? Should we use a special kind of training or is there another way?

To be continued…