As we move into a New Year with it comes a whole year of unlimited possibilities. With January over however, many people find their New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. And the pressure of keeping up the New Year resolutions has set a lot of people up to feel like failures. Many people only stay committed to their New Year’s Resolutions for a few weeks and by the end of January end up going back to their old ways.

A new, fresh approach may be to ditch the concept of New Year’s Resolutions all together, and rather make the focus to start cultivating new routines.

Instead of mulling over how many new things you can add into your daily routine and how much more productive you could be, try to slow down and ease your way into a new routine.

The more you try to change all at once, the more likely you are to get burnt out and wind up stuck where you started, or worse. Be realistic when planning out your new routine.

How you start your morning is crucial to how the rest of your day will play out. If you’re always waking up and immediately scrambling to get to work, try waking up a couple hours earlier each day. If the day starts with chaos, you’re going to feel stressed out the entire time.

This simple change in routine can be a game changer. Take some time for yourself when you wake up to relax and unwind before having to rush off to work.

Another easy but effective change to your routine is simply taking some time each day to reflect on your goals. Write them down and map them out, but don’t hold yourself to any specific time frame just yet.

Even just getting things down on paper can help your brain adjust to them and make those goals feel more concrete and possible to attain.

Small changes in routine without losing sight of your big picture goals might prove more successful than all the New Year’s Resolutions people talk about this time of the year. Healthier habits don’t have to be all or nothing, after all, and small changes are much more likely to stick.